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OpenSCG Foundation

The OpenSCG Foundation is a US based non-profit organization that aims to deliver enterprise-class, free and open source software to the public. We are organized similar to Apache so that our projects will continue to exist beyond the participation of specific individuals or companies. If you have any questions about OpenSCG Foundation, please contact us at:    Email:   foundation at openscg dot com

Individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to collaborative open source software development are eligible for membership in the OpenSCG Foundation. An individual is awarded membership after nomination and approval by a majority of the existing members. OpenSCG Members help to select, develop, build, package and test the enterprise-class open source downloads that the OpenSCG Foundation makes available, as free and open source, to the public.

The Open Source Consulting Group is an independent commercial organization. Denis Lussier (denisl at openscg dot com) is the Founder and Chief Architect of both organizations.

We'd like to acknowledge some of the important contributions that benefit the OpenSCG community.