Postgres Package Manager by BigSQL

Our Postgres Package Manager is a simple and powerful way to install PostgreSQL and it's family of components from the command line into a self contained and relocatable directory. Take a look at our PGC tutorial to learn more.

Install BigSQL PGC

Paste one of the below commands at a terminal/command prompt, from the directory you wish to install bigsql/pgc. A bigsql subdirectory is created with everything you need to run pgc commands.


  At the Linux command line use this command:

     python -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Notes:   1.) If your system doesn't have python (2) then use the python3 command instead
2.) Tested Linux versions include Amazon Linux 2, CentOS 7, Fedora 29+, Ubuntu 18+, and Debian 9+


Run BigSQL PGC Commands

Note that the version of PostgreSQL presently supported are pg10, pg11, and (pg12 is for testing only).

To install and run the PostgreSQL version of your choice type:

  cd bigsql
  pgc install pg11
  pgc start pg11

Learn more about our pgc command line utility here.