All BigSQL Components are 100% Open Source


Core PostgreSQL

v11.3 Notes
New in '18
v10.8 Notes 
New in '17
v9.6.13 Notes 
New in '16
v9.5.17 Notes 
New in '15
v9.4.22 Notes 
New in '14

Sponsored by 2ndQuadrant Ltd

Postgres-BDR 1.0.7 New! Dec 1 Bi-directional replication
pgLogical 2.2.1  Logical replication

Sponsored by Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.

pgPartMan 4.1.0 New! Apr 24 Enhanced partition mgmt
Audit 1.3.0  Detailed compliance logging
SetUser 1.6.2 New! Feb 28 Privilege escalation

Sponsored by EnterpriseDB Corporation

pgAdmin4 4.6 New! May 2 Web based admin & dev tools
pgAgent 4.0.0  Background scheduler
Zheap 11.1  In-place updates using undo
MySQL FDW 2.5.1  MySQL interoperability

Sponsored by NTT OSS Center DBMS

HintPlan 1.3.4 New! Jan 16 Control query execution plans
pgBulkload 3.1.15 New! Jan 20 High speed data loading

Sponsored by Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL

plProfiler 3.5 New! Apr 4 StoredProc profiler
plDebugger 1.1-3 New! Feb 21 StoredProc debugger
CassandraFDW 3.1.3  Cassandra interoperability
HadoopFDW 2.6.2  Hive queries
pgAdmin3 LTS 1.23.0b  Admin client (Win & OSX only)
PGC (pgcli) 4.1.4 New! May 01 CLI for provisioning

More Great Extensions

pg_cron 1.1.4 New! Mar 31 Simple cron-based Background Scheduler
Cstore FDW 1.6.1  Small & fast ORC column store
Apache-TimescaleDB 1.2.2 New! Mar 20 Scaleable time-series data
PostGIS 2.5.2 New! Mar 11 Spatial & geographic objects
pgRepack 1.4.4  Reorg tables w/ minimal locks
OraFCE 3.7.2 New! Dec 22 Oracle compatibility functions
OracleFDW 2.1.0  Oracle integration
TDS FDW 2.0a3 New! Jan 17 Sybase/SQLServer integration
pl/Java 1.5.2  Java stored procedures

Excellent Tools

You do not retrieve these applications with our server-side pgcli. Instead download from the respective Open Source project sites or use appropriate client specific tools such as maven, pip, nuget, or gems.
Patroni 1.5.6 New! Apr 2 Template Container for HA
Spilo 1.5-p7  New! Mar 1 Docker Image for Patroni on Ubuntu 18.04
WAL-G 0.2.9 New! Apr 21 Archive & Restore using S3
BackRest 2.13 New! Apr 18 Backup & Restore
ora2pg 20.0 New! Jan 18 Oracle migration
pgBadger 10.3  SQL Performance Analyzer
Bucardo 5.5.0  Triggers based replication
Slony-I 2.2.7  Replication System
pgBouncer 1.9.0  Connection Pooler
pgjdbc 42.2.5  PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
psycopg2 2.8.2 New! Apr 14 Python DB Adapter (uses libpq)
npgsql 4.0.6 New! Apr 12 .NET Data Provider for PG
ruby-pg 1.1.4 New! Jan 9 Ruby interface to PostgreSQL
psqlodbc 11.0  PostgreSQL ODBC Driver